ESC – TOP favorites Russia – Alexey Vorobyov to Get You

ESC – TOP favorites Russia – Alexey Vorobyov to Get You

Now we come first to the end of our presentation of this year’s top favorites at Eurovision Song Contest 2011 in Dusseldorf. # 10 is in the list of UK bookmakers Alexy Vorobyov from Russia with his song GET YOU. Although this is not quite right. In a third top 10 list even Russia is number 1

Alexy Vorobyov has already made ​​several attempts to participate in the ESC, this year it worked, because the authorities in Russia have simply chosen him.

In Russia Alexy Vorobyov is famous as a folk musician, he performed in Dusseldorf, however, a fairly fast song in the style of the Eighties, comment on this, it is very reminiscent of Leven 42.  What they are right.

Alexy also took part in the Russian X-Factor and was so successful that he was awarded the MTV Russian Music Award “Discovery of the Year”. Russia can be a strong competitor for Lena.

Video ESC 2011 – Russia – Alexey Vorobyov –  Get You

Photographer: C1R/Roman Schmidt

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